Online Training and testing for Power and Communication Utilities

The Power and Communication Utility Training Center offers online training and testing on the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®), related standards (ANSI Z535, OSHA, etc.), and line design considerations for power and communication utility lines and equipment.

The online training is developed and presented by Allen L. Clapp and Clapp Research, Inc. Allen has served on NESC subcommittees since 1971 and has served as an officer of the NESC Main Committee and multiple subcommittees. He is the Editor of IEEE's NESC Handbook.

Allen Clapp has been recognized by federal and state courts and regulatory commissions as an expert in the NESC, OSHA, and power and communication utility line design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Allen has taught NESC and OSHA requirements to over 26,000 utility personnel.

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How online training works

Courses are broken up into lessons with text, audio, photos and and illustrations. The lessons end with practice exercises to be completed before moving to the next lesson. Throughout each course Allen Clapp or another instructor will add comments relating to the subjects under discussion. Each course also includes a PDF download to allow for printing lesson text and illustrations and for an extra study and reference aid. At the end of all the lessons, a final test is given to finally complete the course and you can download a certificate for credit.

Continuing education units are awarded upon successful completion of the final test. If a course is being taken in preview mode, you will be notified when final CEUs are established in order to download your full credit certificate.

Multiple Course Discounts

We encourage you to plan your training needs, contract for multiple courses at the same time and save money. The multiple discount program can be used for a single person or for multiple people from the same organization. You don’t have to choose the courses now. Our discount program is based upon increasing percentages of discount for larger purchases made at the same time.

The following discounts apply to the level of purchases made at the same time:

$500 - $999


$1000 - $1999


$2000 - $2999


$3000 - $4999


$5000 - $7999


$8000 - $11,999


$12,000 and above


We are in the process of programming the website to allow the process to be accomplished online. In the meantime, if you wish to contract for multiple courses, call or email the PCU Training Center and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Using the Online Training in Classes Group Training

The multiple discount program works well for organizations that desire to use our courses as training modules for live seminars which they conduct for multiple personnel. Your instructor can show the web pages on the screen and play the online instructor’s audio comments while everyone follows along on their own laptop (with their own sound on mute). You can discuss various points, such as how you handle certain situations with your own construction standards or work methods as you go along at your desired pace. Each person can take the tests included with each lesson and review our comments. At the end, each person will be tested individually and, if they pass, will receive a continuing education certificate from us. You can also add your own certificate if you wish—this is particularly appropriate if you spend significant extra time on you internal standards while going through the course together.

Preview the newest online courses

When we launch new courses, we start a preview period so users can help us confirm course time and give feedback. You can take these courses for discounted prices during the preview period and still receive full PDH credit after that period is over. Simply fill out the short evaluation course with time and comments after taking the course, and we'll update your records with actual CEUs after the Preview period is over.


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Preview Mode

Preview courses are new full length courses for half price. You will be provided with a feedback form upon completion of this course.